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From the XR systems to the XV Variable speed models, Trane has your needs covered. For basic needs to come in under a budget or systems that will modulate their output to meet the homes demands we can provide the system that will deliver. Zone controls can be added to meet demands of different zones in the home.

Part of the original business plan when the company was started was to offer, from the serviceman’s perspective, the best products made and Trane was that product. The Trane Spine fin coil has proven to be the coil that can take the corrosive effects of the coastal environment better than even coated coils.We are your local independent Trane Comfort Specialist dealer and adhere to the higher standards of the Comfort Specialist program. To the customer that is an added level of assurance that we will provide customer satisfaction.


At 1st Service we have been a Trane Comfort Specialist since the program was started in 2001. That’s 16 years of providing quality work and maintaining a greater than 90% customer satisfaction rating. We chose Trane because of the quality of the equipment and constant improvements they make through their rigorous testing and research.

From the Spine Fin outdoor coil, the foam-filled double wall construction of the air handler, and the ability to hold up in this salt water environment we live in Trane’s equipment is second to none! Check out the Trane website, or give 1st Service a call to learn more about the benefits of a Trane Comfort System!

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