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Time To Tune

Like a car, HVAC tune-ups prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and reduce the risk of an expensive breakdown. Call us [...]

A New Beginning

Today marks the beginning of spring and the end of a long, brutal winter for much of the United States. [...]

A Change In Direction

At the start of every season, it is important to remember to change the direction of airflow of your ceiling [...]

Spring Cleaning

As you start storing away your winter wardrobe and preparing your home for the upcoming warm weather, it is also [...]

New Vs Old Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioning system begins to lose its performance abilities the older it gets. This can cause your house to [...]

The Right Fix

1st Service Co., Inc. strives to provide our customers with not just quick, easy fixes, but the right fixes. We [...]

Air ducts

Air ducts are the delivery system for your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, approximately 20-30% of the air moving through your [...]

Chapped Lips?

Did you know that the parched winter air that chaps our lips and gives us dry skin also makes it [...]

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