Heat Pumps

A heat pump can be an extremely comfortable, convenient and highly efficient option for heating your home in the cold winter months. The idea of the heat pump itself is fascinating. It is trying to take the heat from the outside air and transfer it to your house. Thinking this way makes it easy to understand why heat pumps can have trouble keeping up in extremely low temperatures. New inverter compressors in heat pumps even have the ability to maintain heating efficiently all the way into temperatures in the low 20s.

There are many aspects of a heat pump system that need to be properly designed in order to give the best possible comfort and efficiency. Proper sizing of not only the heat pump but also the attached coil and air handler or furnace is the first step in delivering optimum performance. An oversized heat pump can cause an issue known as “short cycling”. This can lead to the heat pump heating the home so fast that it does not have time to run for an adequate level amount of time. This leads to the constant starting and stopping of the equipment which leads to premature breakdown of parts and uneven heating and poor comfort.

Next comes the design, sizing and installation of the duct system that is delivering your air. Improper sizing and design can lead to many of the same issues that an oversized unit provides. Ducts too small cause high pressure and forceful air being delivered inefficiently, too small and the air never fills the space and you’re left very uncomfortable in key areas in your house. Making sure your system receives adequate return air is one of the most important aspects of system design. Not enough return air can make your system have to work overtime to provide enough air into the house putting extra strain on the motor and the compressor which can lead to premature failure.

Heat pumps are very popular in Ocean City, Snow Hill, and Sussex county and are a great choice for your home comfort. Call 1st Service to find out how a heat pump can be the right choice for your house..


A good heater does not guarantee the best performance unless it is fine tuned for efficiency. Our heating solutions specialists will evaluate and enhance your heating equipment, airflow and help to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system.  Reach out to 1st Service HVACR and schedule a free evaluation today.

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