Ductless Heating

Ductless heat pumps are some of the most efficient and comfortable systems you can use to provide heating and cooling to any space in your house.

Whether you use them to heat an oft use bonus or sunroom, which is very popular in Ocean Pines, or use it to heat your entire home, a popular choice in older and smaller homes such as those in Berlin and Ocean City. Ductless heat pumps can comfortably heat, cool, and dehumidify your house using very little electricity and making only the smallest of noise.

The versatility of ductless systems is what makes them the most appealing. The small footprint of both the indoor and outdoor units make them easy to install almost anywhere. The variety of options of indoor units leads to even more versatility. From low wall mounts, high wall mounts, ceiling mounts and even ducted air handlers there are so many options when designing ductless systems. Add in the ability to hook up more than one indoor unit to only one outdoor unit and you can do anything needed to ensure your home is covered.


A good heater does not guarantee the best performance unless it is fine tuned for efficiency. Our heating solutions specialists will evaluate and enhance your heating equipment, airflow and help to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system.  Reach out to 1st Service HVACR and schedule a free evaluation today.

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